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There is nothing better than your passion being your profession. And that is exactly what Chef Sandhya Kumar has always believed in. 

Passion for cooking hit Sandhya at an incredibly young age owing to her grandmother’s influence. Her Mom let her loose in the kitchen where she made lots of cake and a lot of mess

Pursuing her passion, she acquired her bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration from The Institute of Hotel Management, Kovalam. Sandhya was trained by the head chefs at The Oberoi, Bangalore and Marriott Chennai, before starting her career at Four Seasons. She worked in the culinary department at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai where she gained valuable experience working under reputable international chefs across various cuisines ranging from Japanese, Chinese and Thai to Italian and French.

Chef Sandhya recently did a major feature film project with Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan in the remake of Jon Frauveau’s Hollywood movie ‘CHEF’, which released in October 2017 in India. She was the Stylist and Consultant for the movie.

“Cooking in my family was a skill, handed down over generations, from my grandmother to my mom and now to me, something I’d like to call my legacy. I would like to make a mark and give back to this global community, what I have learnt over time from some extremely gifted people and what I carry within me, my heritage” – Chef Sandhya.

She was on the lookout for a change when home and her brainchild ‘Indulge In’ came calling. 

She took yet another leap by joining for her Masters degree in Food Design and Innovation at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy and is currently exploring and learning what the future might hold for the Food & Beverage Sector.


Clement Mathew, born into a quintessential NRI family, with deep roots in Pathanamthitta, stepped away from the tried and tested track while still in college, and took on the responsibilities of co-managing a private finance company.

After graduating with a Masters in Business Administration, he decided to apply his expertise in the Food & Beverage Industry.  

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a solid background in business management, operational planning and revenue generation.

Since 2017, he has supported Chef Sandhya in handling all consulting projects and restaurant management activities of Indulge In

With 10+ years of progressive business experience, he oversees and co-ordinates the assignments that are undertaken by the company since 2017.

Clement Mathew co-founded Mathai Makkal, a trend setting street food joint in Cochin that went onto win the Best Street Food award in 2017.


Indulge In Services – F& B consultancy | Food Styling | Culinary Workshops | Events

As an enterprise, our primary focus is to help upcoming restauranteurs in setting up their dream projects the way they want it, however big or small.

Founded in 2015, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service that  guarantees excellence with the highest level of confidentiality. 

With over 12 years of expertise in Food & Beverages and Hospitality we are capable of identifying the challenges and delivering desired positive results by incorporating balanced actions and implementing effective solutions to satisfy your business needs and performance

Indulge In provides technical assistance in developing a restaurant concept, understanding the market, design and implementation, operational strategies and business management, human resource handling and marketing approaches that are tailored to your specific needs.

Indulge In also organises regular Culinary Workshops, in either a corporate format or for individuals, to help them learn the basics of cooking and preparing easy,healthy meals at home.

Food styling is what gives the first impression of your product to your target audience. Indulge In works with top photographers, cinematographers and branding companies in the field to better the portfolio of your brand, that can make your customers crave for your product.


Chef Talks,

“I love the versatility and the creativity that this job offers, and when you do something with a lot of love, you just do it right.” – Chef Sandhya

“I just love cooking and you will always find me in the kitchen anywhere I go. One of my earliest and fondest memories of food is my Mom baking cakes and me getting to lick the bowl and the whisk clean afterwards and the scrumptious snacks that she used to make every Sunday afternoon” – Chef Sandhya